What is a Zen Cleanse?

We customize your very own Zen Cleanse to fit your personal needs. 3, 5, 7 or 21 day Zen Cleanse includes juice, teas, and personal guide to a successful kickstart. 

The raw fruit and vegetable juices, along with the TeaZen teas give you the nutrition needed to cleanse your body, boost your energy and jumpstart a healthier diet. 

Delivered right to your door fresh pressed and cold, ready for you to jump right in. 

The Benefits 

-When you eat a diet high in vitamins and minerals, it allows your body to cleanse itself from the inside out.

-Each blend is loaded with energizing vitamins and minerals, as well as enzymes, which are the worker-bees that do most of the work of digestion. Less energy spent by your body on digestion means more energy left for you.

-A cleanse is the perfect way to stop any unhealthy eating habits and retrain yourself to eat a healthier diet high in fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.